Ouality Policy

NEKA KALIP MAKİNE SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ, which is serving to white goods, automotive and heating sectors,  is manufacturing all types of sheet metal injection molds, beside this by press machines is operating serial production and Paintshop areas. When performing these activities;

By perceiving its customers deeply, to cover surpassing customer expectations and by people-oriented approach, adopts continuous improve policy at production and quality process, in value chain.

For that purpose;

·         Comply legal requirement related with products and also enviromental and job security

·         Provide all the needs for continuous improvement of its employee’s technical and behavioral competencies.

·         Performs necessary activities to improve quality and productivity at production.

·         Built strong awareness among Stuff to improve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.



To cover surpassing customer expectations and to be a company which creates value to their customers all of the areas in which we are operating.


By rationalist, principled, responsible, innovative approach to be a company which employees are being proud of and which is preferred by customers and suppliers.


-  People Oriented

-  Morality

-  To be creative and innovator

-  To open to continues learning and improvement

-  To open team working and cooperation

-  To take inisiative and solution oriented

-  To be objective, transparent, trustworthy

-  To work productive and effecive


-   To add value to our Customers

-   To protect Enviroment and Workers

-   To be proud to be for our Workers

-   Trustworthy for our partners