Electrostatic Powder Coating Plant

Our Electrostatic Powder Coating Paintshop is designed with high-technology, high-quality equipments and enviromentalprinciples.

In our paintshop, there’s a monorail system conveyor which has speed as 3m/min and 270m length. 


Maximum piece dimensions: 3000mm (L) x 400 mm (W) x 1600 mm (h)

The water that’s used in the pretreatment line (DI Rinsing baths and Nano-ceramic conversion bath) is fined by a Reverse Osmosis system. 


The Pretreatment Line is desinged according to nano-ceramic conversion.

There are 7 baths. Nano-ceramic Conversion coating can supply 800 hours on Fe plate and 1000 hours on Al plate in the Salt Sprey Tests.

There are Automatic Dosage Pumps for each Degreasing Baths and Nano-ceramic conversion bath. 


Vilokanis an evaporator system based on the technology of vapor compression and natural circulation. Its capacity ranges from 10 to 120 l/hr. The system’s combination of high distillate quality and robust technology makes it an excellent investment for purifying contaminated water-based degreasing and process water from production. 


All of the powder application equipments are marked by GEMA which is the leader in this Industry. The Booth is made of stainless steel and has got 10 Automatic Guns on 2 Reciprocators, 2 fixed Guns and 1 Manuel Gun. Powder application line is in an air-conditioned room which its temprature and humidity are controlled by a rooftop type air conditioner. Donaldson Ultrafilter is used for the inlet air of the Powder Coating Guns.